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Editor-in-Chief of Pomona Valley Review

From 2010-2017, I served as Editor-in-Chief of Pomona Valley Review, Cal Poly Pomona's liberal arts journal. I participated in and oversaw all aspects of publication process, from soliciting general submissions, to creating and editing the final issue, advertising publication, and organizing poetry readings and art events both on campus and at professional events such as the Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association (PAMLA). An international journal started by American poet Virginia Hamilton Adair in 2004, Pomona Valley Review grew its staff from four to twelve under my leadership, and began hosting its first readings, including those which sponsored national poets to visit campus from across the country and read before a general audience in the Student Union. Below are both the issues that I edited, which link to current and past issues on the PVR website, and photos from campus events. Today PVR continues to grow under new leadership, to which I serve as an adviser.

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Edited PVR Issues
PVR 5 Cover.jpg
PVR 6 Cover.jpg
PVR 8 Cover.jpg
PVR 9 Cover.jpg
PVR 11 Cover.jpg
PVR 12 Cover.jpg
PVR 7 Cover.jpg
PVR 10 Cover.jpg
PVR 13 Cover.jpg
Representative Events Organized
PVR Lingua Franca Poster.jpg
PVR Sigma Tau Delta Poster.jpg
Campus Event Photos
PVR Event 1.jpg
PVR Event 4.jpg
PVR Event 5.jpg
PVR Event 7.jpg
PVR Event 2.jpg
PVR Event 3.jpg
PVR Event 6.jpg
PVR Event 8.jpg
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